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Apple iPhone 5 (16GB, LTE, WiFi)
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Apple iPhone 5 (16GB, LTE, WiFi)

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Description of Apple iPhone 5 (16GB, LTE, WiFi, White & Silver)

Apple iPhone 5 (16GB, LTE, WiFi, White & Silver)

The iPhone 5 smartphone in liquid metal white and silver finish delivers ground breaking trends with its style and technology! Apple's new iPhone 5 16GB phone is yet again making other mobile providers scramble to keep up. Apple releases its new iPhone 5 with variant memory specs, this iPhone 5 come with 16GB of more memory to compliment the new A6 chip that was specially designed by Apple to give the newly designed iPhone the horse power needed to run all its great features and graphics. The iPhone 5 might be thinner in size, but it is thicker in technology. offers the iPhone 5 (16GB, LTE, WiFi, White and Silver) smartphone at the lowest possible price anywhere on the web. The iPhone 5 16GB phone is twice as fast as the iPhone 4 16GB. Not to mention it outperforms the competition just on build quality alone, the iPhone 5 does pack some technological power. The iPhone 5 comes with 16GB of memory storage and 1GB RAM which runs Apple's specially designed super fast A6 operating system (iOS6) on a Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor. Apple wanted to ensure every application and function on the iPhone 5 runs super fast and smooth at all times utilizing the new 4 inch Retina display to the fullest. Apple does it again with the iPhone 5 16GB phone, which comes in a two tone white and silver metal finish to compliment its rock solid build.

iPhone Design

All new design
The thinest, Lightest, fastest iPhone ever.


Thin, sleek, and very capable.
The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, and faster than the iPhone 4S and most of the competition. Apple didn't sacrifice quality to make the iPhone lighter. No plastic body for iPhone 5, made in all aluminum body with precision build quality. White and silver color suites the new iPhone 5 new look and feel. iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm thin and weighs 112 grams.


4-Inch Retina Display
It's not just bigger. It's just Right.

A slim iPhone 5 with a convenient 4 inch screen that gives you more to see without having an oversized mobile phone in your hands. Compared to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 boasts a bigger 4 inch screen but yet maintains the iPhone 4 width for easy one handed use. With the 4 inch Retina display, you get more of everything; more of your inbox, more events on your calendar, more apps on your home screen etc.

  • Vibrant display - 326 pixels per inch, 18 percent more pixels than iPhone 4 with 1136 by 640 resolution.
  • Colors get enhanced with 44 percent better color saturation than iPhone 4.
  • Vivid and lifelike for better game play, easy to read words, spectacular images to see, and enhanced apps.
  • Watch widescreen HD video without letterboxing.
  • Shatter resistant glass screen.


4-Inch Retina Display

A6 chip
Perfomance and graphic up to twice as fast.
With bettery life to spare.

A6 Chip

A6 Apple Chip
The A6 chip is completely new with Apple's own design (ARMv). The Apple A6 chip is more integrated with all iPhone 5 features that is the driving force behind a thinner, faster phone with longer battery life! The A6 chip is twice as fast as the A5 chip on iPhone 4. Apps launch faster, web pages load faster, and email attachments appear instantly. Faster graphics - twice as fast as A5 chip. Ideal mobile phone to enjoy serious apps and games with more realistic game play.
Better Battery Life - the custom designed A6 chip is not only designed to be fast, it is designed to work with iOS 6 to be extremely power efficient. 

  • Up to 8 hours for browsing on cellular connection
  • Up to 8 hours of talk time
  • Up to 10 hours of video playback time


Battery life

iSight camera. The world's most populer
camera now captures more of the world.

iSight camera

iSight Camera
The iPhone 4 has one of the best mobile phone cameras in the world, it is still amazing. The iPhone 5 enhances an already great camera with even more detail and clarity. iPhone 5 camera improved features:
- 40 percent photo capture
- Better low light performance
- Improved noise reduction


Panorama is a new iPhone 5 camera feature that lets you take astonishing group shots and now the iSight camera can capture just about everything! With one motion, you can shoot up to 24 degrees with up to 28 megapixels , thanks to the A6 chip.

Enhanced HD video recording.
Enhanced HD video recording - iSight camera records in 1080p HD video, improved stabilization, face detection for up to 10 faces. Also, you can take still photos while recording videos, you will never miss a moment.


FaceTime HD camera.
FaceTime HD camera - Phone calls can now happen over a cellular connection if WiFi is not available. FaceTime video calls quality is much improved on the iPhone 5. You can also use the front camera to take self pictures or record yourself in 720p HD video.


All-new EarPods


Apple users worldwide rejoice, if you are thinking about time, you are right. Apple finally addresses their not so stellar EarPods of the past. Apple put much thought into the new EarPods to compliment the well thought out and designed iPhone 5. The new EarPods are designed to fit differently for everyone since we all don't have the exact same ear size.
Designed with three microphones:
One on the front, One on the back, One on the bottom.
Noise canceling headphones - EarPods reduce background noise, ideal for talking on the iPhone 5 in crowded places. You will no longer have to scramble away from noisy environment to be able to hear the person on the other end of the line.


Apple Maps


Yes, Apple, not Google. Apple has really made the iPhone 5 hands on, even with the Maps feature. Map elements are vector based, giving you extremely sharp graphics and text, especially when you zoom in. Easily Pan around with this very responsive Maps feature. Going from Point A to Point B directions are not only displayed on the screen, but it will tell you out loud how to get to your desired destination like any other GPS. Maps also gives you real-time traffic information and reroutes you to avoid delays. Enjoy multiple perspectives with Flyover and explore interactive 3D views.


Super Fast Wi-Fi


Wireless connectivity on the iPhone 5 doesn't disappoint. In this fast paced world, the iPhone super fast wireless data connection doesn't slow you down. LTE wireless technology built for speed without draining your battery, only on the iPhone 5. Support more networks all over the world. Includes networks such as HSPA, HSPA , and DC-HSDPA. Browse, download, and stream content at super fast speeds. Dual band 802.11 n wireless connectivity accelerates your WiFi experience up to 150 Mbps.

iOS 6

Lightning connector


The Lightning connector features an all digital, 8 signal design that is much more stronger than the 30 pin connector. The Lightning connector is also reversible, so there is no wrong way to plug in the cable.


Siri. Even more
of what you're asking for.


Siri has matured into a young adult on the iPhone 5. Siri still provides you with the information you need and with the iOS6, Siri can understand you even more than before. So you can ask Siri even more questions now and he won't ignore you. Even ask Siri to make a Facebook post or a Tweet on your behalf. Siri is now fluent in more languages.

iOS 6

iOS 6. The world's most 
advanced mobile operating system.


The foundation of the iPhone 5 and all Apple products. The iPhone 5 is what is because of the iOS6. Giving you over 200 new features and built in apps right out of the box with plenty of space and speed for more.


iCloud. Your Content.
On all your devices.


Your content on all your devices for instant access. Built into the iPhone 5 with new features allowing you to do even more with iCloud.

iOS 6

Built-In Apps


Amazing phone with amazing built in apps, it makes sense, especially on a 4 inch Retina display.




Put what is on your iPhone 5 on your HDTV. Stream content wirelessly using AirPlay from your iPhone 5 to your Apple TV to increase the screen your are watching. Also, AirPlay Mirroring allows you to see whatever you are doing on your iPhone 5 directly onto your HDTV at the same time.




Print right from your iPhone 5 over a WiFi connection. Doesn't require you to download software, no drivers needed to be installed, no cables to connect. With AirPrint, you can send whatever is on your iPhone 5 screen to an AirPrint enabled printer.


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